THIS GOOD EARTH a feature documentary


THIS GOOD EARTH  is a documentary Robert has been filming since June 2018. It is now in post-production.  The film is about the state of the UK’s food and farming system at this critical time in Britain’s history. These two combined sectors of food production are financially larger than the aerospace and the car industries.

It is divided into three parts: Soil, The Land and Biodiversity and Farming, Food and Disease. It links farming and food system to the state of the countryside’s flora, fauna and soil, to regulations, to health and wellbeing of people and to the state of the earth and to excessive loss of species. It concentrates in Dorset but has far broader relevance.

Farmers, bakers, cooks, scientists, health professionals and professors tell these stories.

The central themes are:

  • How the food system can avoid further adding to greenhouse gasses and ecological degradation while producing healthy availably priced food able to feed nine billion people by 2050.
  • How people can be helped educationally, financially and culturally both by government policy and on the ground to willingly develop diets to increase their health and wellbeing.
  • How the financial, institutional, corporate, policy-makers and the political class continue to be impediments to rapid progressive change.
  • What the relationship is between agriculture, the overall food system, global warming, hunger and non-communicative degenerative diseases, and how they are an unnecessary consequence of individual and corporate desire for wealth and power.

We believe this film will be interesting to educational institutions from primary schools through higher education, to those interested in and care about global warming, agriculture, the production of food via the international food industry, flora and fauna species preservation, land use, and good food as well as those interested in food poverty and human rights.

At each stage of post production, we have shown the film to those who have been interviewed or participated in some way, to be certain they believe they have been fairly represented and if they have any comments or criticisms to make. We have been pleased by the responses.

“The film is fabulous; really defends nature from agrochemical farming.” S. Wilberforce – climate change campaigner

“Superb Robert! I loved it, as I knew I would. Lovely tone and feel, a sense of place and permanence, and wise people. The key messages come over well. The title is great: This Good Earth.” Professor Jules Pretty

“This is great – beautiful and thought-provoking and certainly whets the appetite for the rest.”      Tom Monroe, Dorset AONB

The sheer beauty of the film and its clear and carefully crafted mixture of personal experiences with expert science strike me as exceptionally powerful.  It sends a strong message while avoiding being preachy.  And it’s really informative, triggering all kinds of associations in my mind as I suspect it will for others.”  Richard Harvey, Human Rights lawyer

There is an early stage prom for it here.

We are aiming for a release in autumn 2020 and looking forward to creating partnerships with appropriate charities and other organizations who will accept the film as part of the progressive discussions to change our world for the better, in particular in regard to global warming and the human right to good, sufficient and culturally appropriate food for all.

Please contact us at ThisGoodEarth@gmail.com