THIS GOOD EARTH – new 90 minute documentary

THIS GOOD EARTH will be released at 8AM (GMT) on the 21st of January, 2021.

You can see the the film’s website and trailer for the 90 minute documentary here:  

Unfortunately Covid has eradicated the live event we were to have on that evening.

If having watched and enjoyed the film, please pass the website’s as above onto your friends and contacts, to purchase a view.

We are honored by being helped in our communications by The Soil Association, The Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty,

The Post Carbon Institute, The Transition Network and The Slow Food Movement/ Terra Madre.

Both Professors Tim Lang and Jules Pretty, who are in the film, have approved it.

Bill McKibben, one of the foremost American climate change activists said he is going to write about it in the New Yorker in January,

and Rob Hopkins, author of From What Is To What If, has writing a supportive review.

images from the film
images from the film

You can see a review by Fergus Byrne in the Marshwood Vale Magazine here.


“An exquisitely shot film, which is both an urgent message

 and love letter to the world we wish to see.

 Watch The Good Earth, and then watch it again”

Shane Holland, Executive Chairman Slow Food in the UK :

 “Superb! I loved it, as I knew I would. Lovely tone and feel, a sense of place and permanence, and wise people.

The key messages come over well. The title is great: This Good Earth    

Professor Jules Pretty

“ This is great – beautiful and thought-provoking.”

Tom  Monro – Dorset AONB

“I love it…the sheer beauty of the film and its clear and carefully crafted mixture of personal experiences with expert science

strike me as exceptionally powerful.  It sends a strong message while avoiding being preachy.

And it’s really informative, triggering all kinds of associations in my mind as I suspect it will for others.”

Richard Harvey – Human Rights lawyer (Greenpeace)

“Exquisite lyricism and sharp”

Professor Tim Lang