Inside / Outside


theatre / movement / being by Monika Pagneux

(a book and a film)

Robert Golden has had the privilege of meeting and photographing some of Monika’s late work. Although her teaching is for performers, Robert has said that her gift of understanding humanity has been gifted in some small ways to him. Below is about the book and film Robert has made about Monika’s work.

Peter Brook on Robert Golden’s book and film about Monika Pagneux:
“Monika's work is original, it is all her own. She has built it up carefully over many, many years and has inspired countless students and professionals all over the world. It is concrete, it is precise but it is not technical. It is about life, it is for life and can only be brought into the field of theatre when theatre is truly searching for moments of truth. Her book … and film are of universal importance and must be cherished.”

Monika Pagneux is one of Europe’s leading exponents of movement in contemporary theatre. She studied and worked with Mary Wigman, Jacques Lecoq, Moshé Feldenkrais, Peter Brook, Complicite and many more teachers, actors, dancers and directors.
Monika’s inspirational way of working, helps actors to find a unity between their inner psyche and its outer expression. Truth becomes the source of creativity; actions are a result of being, not thinking.
This book and film, INSIDE/OUTSIDE are based upon Monika’s processes over many years.

The 46-minute film shows a precise description of her work. Monika explains it in detail along with thoughts about movement, performance and theatre. The insightful and entertaining book and film are relevant to actors, dancers, Laban yoga, Feldenkrais, Pilates and other sports and movement systems and to people working with children.


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