Ricky Romain -painter

This is a portrait of Ricky Romain, a painter who captures the plight of lost souls, trapped in embassies, and darkened rooms between borders, who reminds us of the men and women tramping though history, dispossessed and left with little hope. This film is about his work which whispers to the rest of us, ‘Remember that when one person suffers we all do and when one person injures another, we are all responsible’. 

Art is such a profound way to change society. 

It can be done without violence. 

As you get older it becomes more important

to offer something to society.

I want to change hearts and minds.

Ricky Romain

The folio of his recent exhibition, MARKING INJUSTICE –  a Painters way of Coping can be seen here.

A film about Ricky can be seen here.