Robert Golden was educated at Monteith Collage, in Detroit, Michigan, studying intellectual history for which he was nominated as a Woodrow Wilson Scholar. He graduated University of Michigan with a BA in Modern European History and a BS in Design. He also attended the London School of Film Technique.

Robert Golden


In his early career he worked with many magazines and newspapers, creating photo-essays and stories for articles. He was commissioned to photograph well know actors, politicians and others, producing magazine, book and record covers. He pioneered a new style of advertising and editorial food photography; conceived and shot ten award winning books called the 'PEOPLE WORKING SERIES' published by Penguin; a book about unemployment called DOWN THE ROAD, and was a major contributor to THE AMERICAN AIR AND SPACE and the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM catalogues.

He became Chairman of the Association of Photographers and created the Association Awards, which have since become the most well-known and respected photography awards in Britain, for which he received the Chairman's Award in 1996. He trained several well-known photographers: Fay Godwin, Eamon McCabe, and Robin Broadbent.

His stills photographs have been exhibited at:

The Half Moon Gallery/ London (one person show)
The Serpentine Gallery/ London
The Photographer's Gallery/ London (one person show)
The Midland Group Gallery/ GB
The Side Gallery /Newcastle (one person show)
The Hayward Gallery/ London
Victoria and Albert Museum/ London
Barbican Concourse/London (one person show)
The First Georgian State Film and Theatre Festival/Georgia
Battersea Art Centre /London (one person show)
The White Space/ Dorset (one person show)
Greenham Common Gallery/GB (one person show)
Study Gallery for Modern Art/ Poole, Dorset (one person show)
The Silk Mill for the Frome Festival / Frome, Somerset (one person show)
Bridport Art Centre/ Dorset (one person show)
semi permanent exhibition of still life work at the Lighthouse, Poole Dorset and numerous art centres and galleries around Britain.


His first feature film was chosen as Best of the Festival, Edinburgh and selected for Sundance amongst other festivals.

Below is part of a review about his first feature film, which shared the BEST OF THE FESTIVAL at the Edinburgh Film Festival and was then invited to Sundance:

“About Beg! when it was r-released on DVD from a French film magazine: 'this film is a pure work of art'... the colours are gentle - even the red seems soft' 'the lighting is sublime'...'the decor exudes personality - they seem to sigh, die (or breathe) of melancholy and pain..if you're going to watch the film, leave all sense of logic behind you...let the images take you, in the hypnotising effect of director Robert Golden...the atmosphere sticks to your skin and your spirit... a total success....”

He has written and filmed 40 documentaries concerned with culture, the arts and social/ political problems, winning awards and seen by millions of people around the world, and he’s made over 900 commercials for TV as a director/ DOP. For his commercial work he has won 3 Cannes Lions, a New York Film and TV Award, many other awards especially in Italy and has been featured in Spots, Campaign and other advertising media.

A documentary called CANDLES AGAINST THE NIGHT has been shown to members of Parliament. This film is about a group of teens in Srebrenica living in the shadow of genocide, struggling to make a life through cultural engagement. Robert’s documentaries have won several awards and have been selected for numerous Festivals around the world. In early 2019 he finished a film called EXILE - A Mind In Winter, as part of an exhibition planned with two painters, Ricky Romain and Cedoux Kadima.


Robert had written 3 plays, a poetry cycle, a novel, an epic poem directed by him for the theatre, 8 feature film scripts, 4 books about photography and another about unemployment. He has also illustrated over 30 cookery and other books.

He has written numerous essays on photography, culture and politics. Currently he is writing a set of essays called WHY? and developing several film and exhibition concepts. A ROLE FOR ARTISTS IN TROUBLED TIMES was published in January 2019, composed of 5 essays.

His first novel, A FORGETTABLE MAN (available on Amazon and all ebook platforms), about a photojournalist has been published to excellent reviews and he is currently working on a second novel called A VENGEFUL MAN and a graphic novel.


He was on the board of the Helen Bamber Foundation and for many years helped the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture to raise substantial funds.

Over the last 8 years he has worked closely with young people in Srebrenica, helping them to workshop film and photography practice; he has also worked with the European youth project – The Complete Freedom of Truth, running workshops about democracy, neoliberalism and the purpose of art in a challenging world. In the summer of 2019 he taught a group of grad students in Sarajevo how to use film as a tool to change society under the auspices of Leeds University and Kings Collage.

He runs a charity called HOME IN BRIDPORT which serves working people and donates time photographing, filming and designing graphics for various causes.


Over the last several years Robert has been asked to mentor and to speak increasingly frequently. Consequently he has designed a number of different sets of workshops and talks running several hours to 10 days, about photography, film-making and storytelling.